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Vision and Mission Statement

Vision and Mission Statement

A Focussed Vision

To address all risks to which your company may be exposed, GFIA is committed to a continuous search to find unique and creative ways to enhance our integrated risk management solution.

Our Ethics

Recognising that empowerment of people leads to a country's richness, we are committed to making a meaningful contribution to South Africa's transformation through the development of our people, with particular focus on black professionals. To achieve this goal we:

  • recruit only the best people and invest significantly in staff training at all levels
  • practice sound corporate governance based on three pillars of strength: integrity, honesty, and professionalism

A Living Mission

To realise our vision, we are dedicated to living our mission: to deliver the highest quality professional services that exceed our clients' expectations. Stemming from a single code this, we believe, will lead to success in three separate but inter-connected areas, like a triple helix:

  • the success of our clients
  • the success of our people
  • the success of our country

A Philosophy Steeped in Service

Over the years we have developed a passion for service that goes beyond the norm. This is a passion that permeates our entire organisation and is continually measured against how much our service exceeds your expectations.
We understand that only through delivering exceptional service can we achieve substantial and sustainable growth, both within the firm and through the growth of our clients businesses.