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Forensic and Investigative Accounting Services

Forensic and Investigative Accounting Services

Commercial Crime Investigations

Investigation of matters of a commercial criminal nature, including financial and forensic auditing.We will identify the scope of the crime, identify the parties involved and quantify your losses for litigation purposes. We will also secure evidence, trace funds and identify weaknesses in your business systems. At the conclusion of the investigation, we will recommend appropriate remedial preventive measures and will assist in implementing and monitoring them.

Civil Litigation Support

Civil litigation support entails GFIA participating in legal civil actions, where financial information may require critical analysis of possible wrongful action. It is considered to be that process by which we give effect to the transformation of the investigative process into the litigation process. The civil perspective focuses on economic loss suffered by your organisation through breach of inter alia contract, delict or industrial action.

Disciplinary Support

Disciplinary hearings are often the result of a forensic accounting investigation, and in these circumstances, require an in-depth knowledge of disciplinary codes, as well as labour and other statutory prescripts relating thereto. GFIA assists with the preparation of charge sheets, debriefing prosecutors, preparing detailed evidence files, testifying as expert witnesses and presenting reports.

Procurement Fraud Investigations

Procurement fraud can be defined as the misrepresentation of facts in the procurement process with the intention to deceive, with the objective of allowing some person and/or organisation to gain an unfair advantage. We assist organisations in conducting procurement fraud investigations and ultimately, identifying and remedying gaps in Supply Chain Management policies and processes.

Asset Tracing

Tracing of assets and compilation of financial profiles and background checks, including supplier risk profiling, pre-employment screening, due diligence and BEE verification.

Lifestyle Audits

Generally, the purpose of conducting background and lifestyle audits, is the identification of parties, affiliates and ownership interest of principals involved in irregularities, be it criminal, civil or disciplinary in nature. This includes determining all interests (financial or otherwise) held by officials and whether such interests were disclosed.
Alternatively, the objective of conducting background and lifestyle audits, is to identify whether any employee or official appears to present any potential risk to their employer. This assessment will be based on the conducting of initial personal probity checks.

Data Engineering and Interrogation

We utilise advanced computer software applications for the interrogation of large volumes of data, the determination of relationships inherent in large volumes of data and the tracking of voluminous financial transactions.

Kite-flying Investigations (Cross-Firing)

Cheque kiting or cross-firing (also known as round-tripping) takes place when customers of one or more banks draw cheques in favour of one another on different banks or branches of the same bank, depositing them to one anothers accounts in order to draw against the deposits before the proceeds of the cheques have been collected. The object is to trap the bank into paying out against the deposit in the expectation that the cheque will be honoured. The scheme generally requires the collusion of two or more account holders. It constitutes the criminal offence of fraud. It exploits two factors: (a) a current banking account in which drawings can be made against cheques that have been deposited but have not yet been cleared; and (b) delays that occur in clearing such cheques that are drawn on other banks or other branches of the same bank.

Special Assignments

Our highly skilled team has attended to a magnitude of matters in various capacities such as expert forensic accountants, curators, liquidators, judicial managers, chief investigators, inspectors and expert witnesses. This includes Commissions of Inquiry, Curatorships, appointment as Inspectors in terms of the Companies Act, etc.