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Fraud Prevention and Detection Services

Fraud Prevention and Detection Services

GFIA has been heavily involved in South African Anti-Corruption initiatives and projects, for example, our former Managing Director accompanied, assisted and advised the Honourable Minister on South African and Global anti-corruption trends, strategies, etc, and formed part of the South African delegation to the first global anti-corruption conference in Washington in February 1999, hosted by Al Gore.

We believe that through the numerous assignments conducted during the past 15 years, we have contributed positively to the development of national, provincial and local government systems and practices, particularly as such relate to the adequate management of the risk of commercial crime. We have performed various risk management, financial, fraud and other assignments for victims to assist the South African Police Service and other law enforcement and prosecuting agencies, which often resulted in convictions and compensation for the victims. More particularly, under the banner of a Custodiet Consortium, we led the team that developed the Fraud Prevention Plan of the National Department of Justice and Constitutional Development in 2000. The outputs of that project appear to have set the South African standard for the design of fraud and corruption prevention plans and strategies. This format and content have been used as a template on which the design and development of most public sector entities fraud prevention plans are based today.

Fraud Prevention and Response Programmes and Anti-Corruption Strategies and Policies

In South Africa, the Public Finance Management Act and Treasury Regulations require government departments and the public sector to have fraud prevention plans. GFIA has a unique methodology which enables us to develop plans tailored to your organisations unique circumstances, which can be implemented practically and monitored continuously to ensure prolonged effectiveness.

Fraud Risk Assessments

To protect itself and its stakeholders effectively and efficiently from fraud, we assist our clients to understand fraud risk and specific risks that directly or indirectly apply to the organisation. An effective fraud risk identification process includes an assessment of the incentives, pressures and opportunities to commit fraud. Fraud risk assessments consider the potential override of controls by management as well as areas where controls are weak or there is a lack of segregation of duties.